About Me

Who are you?
My name is Sara Carlson. I was raised in the small farm community of Colfax, Wisconsin. Actually, I still live in the same old farm house that I grew up in. I am married and so far have one child. We homestead and love life in the country. I am an artist and a writer as well as a doula. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am also a firm believer that the Lord has provided us with everything we need to heal ourselves.

Why are you a doula? 
One of the main reasons I became a doula back in 2010 was because I was just getting out of the seem-fully long postpartum depression that came from my experiences of having my son back in 2006. (I just want everyone to know that it is not normal to suffer the "baby blues" as long as I did.) Anyway I wanted to use the information that I gathered from my rather "bad" experience in childbirth and share them with the women I meet as clients. One of my major goals is that if we meet, even if you do not hire me you would be able to make informed choices about your birth. The choices need to be for you. Birth is not a one size fits all kind of experience. If you choose to have a C-section, or don't want to breast feed that is fine. I will support that. 

I believe that what a mama needs is for someone to be there to support them no matter what their final decision is. I feel alot of doula and other support persons have their own agendas as to what will be happening at the time of the birth. But in reality, none of that matters. What matters is what the mother wants. 

At the time when I was pregnant with my first son, I was unprepared. I mean I thought I was as prepared as anyone would be. I was 18, and thought I knew everything. I had watched babies be born and I knew I could handle it. With out getting into fear tactics or anything like that I will tell you what happened. I did not have the proper support. Yes, I had much of my family around me. But they were just as uninformed as I was. I was told to leave everything in the hands of the doctors. Many times that is a perfectly awesome option. But not for me. Things did not go the way I wanted and I was traumatized as the end result. Yes we have a perfectly healthy son. Yes, I am technically "fine". However, emotionally it wreaked havoc on my relationships, on my body, and on my own psychological health. 

I would like to share with you information that can help you have an informed choice on any decision it is you choose to make involving your birth.  

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